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(my scene is the first scene. Before the one in the book)

It's Saturday evening.  Amy is in her room at home and starts to get ready for the dance. She stands in front of her mirror. There are many clothes all around in her room. on her Bed are wonderful dresses, at the desk are every sort of make up and on the floor are more than 50 different pairs of shoes.. 

>> Adam is sooo... sweet! Am I good enough for him? Am I pretty enough..? I hope... should i wear the black or the red dress.. is red too much? Oh my god... I'M GOING TI THE DANCE WITH ADAM! What would my friends say? Are they agree? I hope.. oh my god i have nothing to wear! ok... come down.. I hope.. Adam loves me.. ADAM LOVES ME! I KNOW! I hope... oh my god.. I think it will be great... I can not feel anything at this moment... there are just something in my stomatch!... <<


6.4.11 22:03


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Janin / Website (8.4.11 19:30)
Hey mausi...

das ist echt eine schöne szene... echt kreativ....

hdl :-*


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