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Adam´s room

Adam´s room is very modern and straight. There aren´t many private things in it. There is a big wall of windows.

On the shelves there are just some picture of his footballteam and cups. 

He has got a large bed and a large wardrobe, because for him it´s important to look great. 

On his big desk there is a big stereo with boxes everywhere in the room for a great sound. 

At the opposite of the desk there is a big black couch.

The big TV is over the bed, so that he can see it from every side of the room.

27.2.11 12:00


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(8.3.11 00:02)
Hi Laura,

interesting design. A bit oppressive really, but why not?
Now, we really need to work on your language. Some of your mistakes make it rather hard to understand what you want to say.

- Is "strade" "straight"?
- Is the "big black coach" (ein dicker schwarzer Trainer??!) a black couch?
- What happened to the "pictuhttp" - pictures?

Mistakes that obscure the meaning of the text are grave mistakes! In your next texts, try to avoid these. In case of doubt, use a dictionary.

-Your prepositions are not correct, either. "On the shelves", "on his desk", "above the bed". Revise how to describe pictures / rooms etc. if you can find the time - tasks like these will come up time and again!
-"On his big desk, there is..." (Do not use "stand" here. DO use the 3rd-pers.-sg. 's', though!)
- also use "there is..." after "shelves" and "desk": "At the opposite side of the room, there is/ are..."
- Why should anyone want to see a TV from every side :-)? There's only one side that's interesting, isn't there?
- "verx" = "very"; "privat"="private"

I hope this helps!

See you in class today!
Ms Mettjes

Laura (9.3.11 20:48)
i have corrected it and i hope now everything is alright. Your tips have helped me. Thank you

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