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Characterization - Amy

Amy (Emiko) is a 17 years old Japanese. She and her family live in California.

Amy has got a brother called Hideo. He has married a non Japanese woman, Sue, who is pregant. His father isn´t amused about this, because he think she isn´t good for him. His fahter also banned Amy and her mother to see him.

Amy is a typical girl. She feels and talk like a girl (page 18 lines 7-11; page 19 line 10)

Amy is in love with Adam, a 17 years old Boy. He lives in the upper-class.

Adam asked Amy for going to the dance and she was very happy about this.

They have to be at home at 1 o´clock, but it was later than 2 o´clock when they come home. Amy´s Father forbit her to see Adam for a week, but she has phone him. So Amy has respect for his parents, but she want to see Adam and started to resist him.

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