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(my scene is the first scene. Before the one in the book)

It's Saturday evening.  Amy is in her room at home and starts to get ready for the dance. She stands in front of her mirror. There are many clothes all around in her room. on her Bed are wonderful dresses, at the desk are every sort of make up and on the floor are more than 50 different pairs of shoes.. 

>> Adam is sooo... sweet! Am I good enough for him? Am I pretty enough..? I hope... should i wear the black or the red dress.. is red too much? Oh my god... I'M GOING TI THE DANCE WITH ADAM! What would my friends say? Are they agree? I hope.. oh my god i have nothing to wear! ok... come down.. I hope.. Adam loves me.. ADAM LOVES ME! I KNOW! I hope... oh my god.. I think it will be great... I can not feel anything at this moment... there are just something in my stomatch!... <<


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Adam and Amy (HW)

First of all Adam and Amy are in love. Adam always wants to be at Amy's side and Amy is very happy and feels flattering (geschmeichelt) about what Adam said to show that he loves her.


Later she started to think about what she wants or what Adam wants!


Her relationsship become 'problems' (?) because of the Colour Game. They aren´t allowed to meet each other but they try and if they were catched they get a bad consequence and they will be more observe and so it's morde difficult to meet. 


I think it will give a big conflict because Amy has to decide if she wants to play the Colour Game right an fair or if she wants to be with Adam. 


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Amy and Carol (HW)

-> Write a short comment on how Amy and Carol react to Brian in the mall (p.63/64)


I think their reactions are very understandable. Carol is in a lower class than Amy and she wants to become a blue, so she is very nervous when she saw Brian. Carol try to convice Brian, that it isn´t that bad to meet Amy because she has got her armband and her journal with her. Amy is a blue, so she can do what ever she wants. Of course she tries to doesn´t be reportet but if she was reported it isnßt very important because she´s a blue and won´t get many bad consequences.

Amy also isn´t very happy about Carol´s reaction to Brian. Carol shows immediately that she has got much fear and she change her opinion if she saw him.


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1. why does Amy always says "Mama" and "Papa"?

I thought she is a Chapanese?!



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Adam´s room

Adam´s room is very modern and straight. There aren´t many private things in it. There is a big wall of windows.

On the shelves there are just some picture of his footballteam and cups. 

He has got a large bed and a large wardrobe, because for him it´s important to look great. 

On his big desk there is a big stereo with boxes everywhere in the room for a great sound. 

At the opposite of the desk there is a big black couch.

The big TV is over the bed, so that he can see it from every side of the room.

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Amy´s special object

I think Amy´s special object is a diary. It looks really feminin. It´s pink with drawn hearts on it. I think it´s really important for Amy because she can write in it what ever she wants and she can write down things about which she would never talk to her freinds. So it´s like a good friend who just listen.

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Characterization - Amy

Amy (Emiko) is a 17 years old Japanese. She and her family live in California.

Amy has got a brother called Hideo. He has married a non Japanese woman, Sue, who is pregant. His father isn´t amused about this, because he think she isn´t good for him. His fahter also banned Amy and her mother to see him.

Amy is a typical girl. She feels and talk like a girl (page 18 lines 7-11; page 19 line 10)

Amy is in love with Adam, a 17 years old Boy. He lives in the upper-class.

Adam asked Amy for going to the dance and she was very happy about this.

They have to be at home at 1 o´clock, but it was later than 2 o´clock when they come home. Amy´s Father forbit her to see Adam for a week, but she has phone him. So Amy has respect for his parents, but she want to see Adam and started to resist him.

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